15-8-2010: Construction progress DKA third week (9 August 2010)

Already the 3rd week that we, with a continually changing group, are working together to learn how it is to organize this working together, creating or doing the things you like and discovering what else you like to do. . . Discovering new fields of interest and  unknown parts of you self.



This week we will mainly focus on handling and preparing the trees, making plan for connecting the pieces and of course: lifting the trees.  But the first job was to remove the outer skin of the larges trees.  The supplier of the wood could only shape the smaller ones, so we had to this by hand for the bigger ones.



To be able to connect the trees on the base plates that are part of the foundation-blocks we drilled deep holes in the bottom side and glued inhere some rod-ends M20.
Most of this drilling work is done in small groups where one person is handling the drilling machine and two helpers are looking at different angle if the drill is still in the good direction.  This kind of teamwork worked very good.


The two largest trees, at the intersection of the two large rooms of the building are equipped with 6 fixing plated where we can connect the roof support beams of the second roof level.  The original idea was to use an circular right-angle shapes support that supports the individual beams.  But because we expected that this was both to weak and giving too much problems with fixing, we changed the plan into individual support.  This gives also the possibility to adjust the individual vertical position related to the roof angle.       



Moving those large trees towards the site was no difficult job. But than, getting the tree up, with an estimated weight of more than 500kg, can not be done by hand.  Time for a new plan, we have to look for hoisting equipment that will fit our need during these construction works.


And we also have to wait some days for the building permit. So there will be some time to arrange equipment to get this up as soon as we have the permit.


But we don’t have to sit back, there is more to be done to prepare the parts of our construction.  Sixteen roof supporting trees end can be cut and drilled to hold the connecting plates where they will be fixed to the larger vertical supporting tree.
And we also can make a flat topside on the horizontal trees that will support the roof plating.



But still there is that hunger for action, the feeling that we want to build something.  And so it happens that we also practise the erection of  some smaller trees, to feel how it is.  Just creating some woodhedge for a while.


As soon as we have the permission we will start with the roof part over the porch.  Here the outside columns end just around ground-level.  This will give some fixing points for horizontal beams that can support the floor of the porch.           

Next week we will have a plan for hoisting and we will have a permit to build it. Next week we will see more of the 3-dimentional form of this beautiful building.

Cheerful greeting from Wouter