English texts so far about our building project

Welcome in Ecovillage Brabant! It's not really an ecovillage yet, but the most important thing is there; the people!
Ecovillage Brabant is a group of more than 100 people who want to live sustainably somewhere in Brabant, in the south of the Netherlands.
We want to build an ecovillage with ecological houses and facilities, a place where we can arrange all things in life in a sustainable way. We are now building a unique sustainable building in the Centre for Sustainability, The small Earth in Boxtel. It's a great opportunity for us to experiment and learn to build, cook and eat together.
You can still help us build, just read the texts below.
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16-3-12: Ecovillage Brabant Newsletter special on the building project
With the Virtual Symposium and the summer school

adobe 2-6-11: Adobe plastering the straw bale walls.
Ecodorp Brabant bouwt
18-9-10: It's a small movie about the building on De Kleine Aarde, made by Ruben. See the movie on Youtube.
week 6 7
6-9-2010: Read all about the sixth and seventh week of building in English
poort en gebouw
27-8-10: Read alle about the fifth week of building in English
map 30-8-10: The homepage has been translated to English. Here you can get a general idea of the plans for our Ecovillage.
week 4 27-8-10: Read alle about the fourth week of building in English
sustainable building 21-8-10: All information about the building
An explanation about the building that has been designed with the ancient principles of healing architecture.
collage 20-8-10: Pictures have a universal language
There is always someone who takes pictures. In this case, more than one, so they are gathered by day. So if you wish, you can watch us building, cooking, eating and having fun.

19-8-10: Call for volunteers
Ecovillage Brabant is building a passive house with volunteers on
the premises of “De Kleine Aarde” in Boxtel near the town of Den Bosch.
For details of the project look at the buttons: “bouwen” and “voortgang” of the website.
We all speak Englisch, and other languages, so you will feel at home.
Read more how you can help building.


15-8-10: Read alle about the third week of building in English

8-8-10: Read all about the second week of building in English.